Owl’s Head 3-31-2011

 On the last day of March Forestry class hiked up to the top of Owl’s Head.The weather was overcast and in the high 30’s.There was a lot of animal activity evident on the hike to the top. Lots of coyote tracks as well as fisher, snowshoe hare seemed to be scampering everywhere as were the tracks of the red squirrel . Ruffed grouse were flushed periodically and Pileated woodpeckers were heard drumming against the trees .

  Once at the top of the cliff ravens could be heard and seen soaring over the fields below .A Peregrine falcon was seen as it soared about the cliff. It would drop out of sight below us and appeared to fly near a perched falcon just out of sight from our vantage point .

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first hike up Owl’s Head

Forestry class hiked up Owl’s Head 3/23/11. Hard packed snow was found approximately 2-3 feet deep in most places. The snowshoeing was easy because all of the boulders and most of the blow downs were covered in snow. The dusting of fresh snow on the ground left red squirrel , fisher, coyote , deer and snowshoe tracks .

After about an hour we made it to the top of Owl’s Head. From the top we observed the local ravens were soaring in front of the cliff. After being on top for about 40 minutes we heard a Peregrine vocalize. We waited for several more minutes and we heard a second falcon interacting with the first. It appears that the falcons are back.

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first day of spring

  This winter has been an old fashioned type of winter. Some of you might remember them .Snow storms every few days high temperatures in the 20’s huge snowbanks and did i forget to mention snow?

  Now the Vernal equinox has come and gone and on the first Monday of spring Forestry class went {drum roll now } snowshoeing . The class snowshoed up the mountain road to the middle cabin and got a fire going in the woodstove. Once the cabin warmed up  we snowshoed to the summit of Iron  Mt for a nice spring stroll. The kids loved the view from the top and sliding on the hard packed snow

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Future Forestry project

  Forestry class will be planning and building a boardwalk and observation platform at the Beaver Meadow site at the East Haverhill campus. During the spring [after snowmelt ] the location of a boardwalk will be determined and cleared. A design will be created with the help of Jesse Mohr ,director of Upper Valley Stewardship Center. Once a design is agreed upon a materials list will be created and  the materials will be purchased .

  Once blackfly season winds down[ the end of July ] the platform and boardwalk will be constructed.The purpose of the boardwalk and platform is to provide access to a major wetland on our campus for wildlife viewing. The location will be such that sunrises over the wetland can be seen as well as the variety of marsh birds and vegetation unique to wetlands.

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Deer beds on the East Haverhill campus

  The winter of 2010-11 has been quite snowy one . It has been several years since there has been this amount of snow and virtually no mid-winter thaw. Snowy winters can be rough for wildlife. Deer can have difficulty moving around in several feet of snow.

  Deer will congregate and “yard up ” in groups of varying sizes in thick stands of softwood  trees. The evergreens provide shelter from snow and winds . On the East Haverhill campus are several stands of softwoods ,with a few being in sheltered areas with a south facing direction.This allows the deer to utilize solar warmth and be out of the prevailing winds .

Forestry found one the deer yards while snowshoeing . The deer had been browsing on shrubs and hardwood saplings at the edge of the softwood stand and a hayfield.

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Mystery ruins in Quintown

       On 2/08/20011 forestry class  snowshoed to the ruins in Quintown, an area found in Orford NH . The ruins are unique and are not like the typical cellar holes that can be found throughout New England. these ruins are constructed from a primitive form of concrete and stones .The ruins are also quite large,approximately 30′ x 60′.

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Snow Covered Fire Hydrants

With the amounts of snow we have received the last few weeks, the local Fire Department called on the kids to come and help shovel out fire hydrants.


We set out with shovels in hand and found each hydrant under large piles of snow.


With me being a Woodsville volunteer firefighter, I took a special interest in this task. We went and spoke with the local fire Chief (Mike Lavoie) and he told the boys how much he appreciated the help.


It can take a fire fighter over 5 min to shovel out a hydrant, in that amount of time a small kitchen fire can turn into a fully involved house fire.


Please remember to check any hydrants near your house and shovel them out if need be. Stay safe this winter.

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